Altın bedava slot makineleri milyoneri Rivierası: Nice yakınlarında

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Bedava slot makineleri milyoneri bedava oyna ! -infosite

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108 thoughts to “Altın bedava slot makineleri milyoneri Rivierası: Nice yakınlarında”

  1. So i figured out how the jackpot wheel was working. The ball landing in the hole doesnt determine what meters you get. It determines if the fish is closer or further way from snapping the line. The bobber dangling over the numbers on the top is what determines what meters you get because that is swinging around and landing on different numbers on the top.

  2. I watched this long ago but it still baffles me that he doesnt realize the bobber determines the distance reeled, blue adds tension, gold is neutral and does nothing which is good and I think red releases tension meaning you wont lose the fish

  3. Like how they complain about the game not working. When it is. Learn how to play the game before u complain

  4. The red hook thingy hanging from the string is the thing that gives u the meters more, not the ball thing, I don’t actually know how to play but it gives u the amount of meters that the red thing lands on in the video

  5. I absolutely love how complex Japanese coin and marble pushers it’s like a whole video game in an arcade game there’s no way to get bored unless you absolutely never win

  6. It’s not the machine is broken. It’s wherever the bobber is when it goes past the diving board thing next to the numbers

  7. I thing the float tingie is the amount and the ball is only for the collor looked at this video twice and i finaly got it 🤔😛

  8. its not the ball its the floater that makes the meter count

  9. You guys it has to do with the bobber swinging around at the top above the Ball, hope this helps!

  10. So with the coins you win can you exchange them for prizes?

  11. Hes explaining the machine like if he was explaining a good hand in cards

  12. The distance is base d on the boober at the top that spins not the ball the ball just tells if its going to real in or if fish pulls away

  13. I wanna see a 10yen coin pushing machine with rolls of 10000yen and mystery bags with gold bars…and stop talking….go ahead and win a snicker and a gummy bear…

  14. Got a headache listening to this… what did they win?

  15. I think the orange bobber and the red balls magents are messed up. It was registerring the orange bobber not the red ball

  16. The people playing Mario kart in the background: 🧍‍♀️

  17. That jackpot wheel at the top has a bobber and when the bobber lands on the number on the gold cone at the top the number it lands on corresponds to the metres that it reels fish in at.

  18. I watched this dumb video for 20 minutes to realize it isnt even real money.

  19. While I do understand them not understanding the bobber up top is what determines the reel length and the ball determines the fish pull…..still kinda faceplamish when they didnt catch on. Maybe they will see their mistake later in the video

  20. No bullying on there site they can read what you write on here

  21. So you win coins to get more coins so you can have a chance to win more coins? If you cannot get any prizes or money from winning then there is literally no point to play

  22. I hope u eventually figuredout that the bobber on the spinner was the amount, and the thing the ball landed in either helped or didnt help with the line tension

  23. She must be the mighty hercule from dragon ball z cartoons

  24. They sound just like the siblings from gravity falls.

  25. So after seeing this the first time last year as well as some other videos from people playing this, I finally realized why the wheel acted so weird…the ball is not what determines the length you reel the fish in, all it does is tell you whether or not you put more tension on the line and risk snapping it. The distance is actually picked by the bobber that’s swinging around the top of the wheel, I thought it was just for show at first. That’s why getting the red circle (which I believe loosens the tension on the line) gave you 20m once, but only 1m the next time…watch where the bobber lands.

  26. I really like a shout out from yall cuz Im like biggest fan I want yalls videos all the time and even if Im not a subscriber Ive tried to watch yalls ones but Im not a subscriber and I dont have the money to be one so I cant watch those ones but I always love the ones where you are at the carnival and stuff and whenever yall get those random shirts pretty cool Id like a shout out from Angel and Crystal love you guys yall are the best

  27. Nothing is wrong with the machine🙄 y’all just don’t know Japanese

  28. Did u ever learn how that game worked the bobber gave u the number not the ball

  29. The thing that the bobber lands on is the number it gives you and the thing the ball lands on is how hard the fish is pulling

  30. So for anyone that didnt figure it out the distance that you reel in is determined by the hanging plunger. The ball determines how successful you are in reeling the fish. Getting it as far to the left as possible is good. Circle removes a bar from that meter. X adds a bar to the meter. Triangle is neutral and does nothing.

  31. Lol Western coin pusher: Push the coins and if u get a gold coin u go to spin the wheel and get a chance for a jackpot.
    Japanesse: push the coins and drop a ball in a chance to collect 5 golden balls to use the rail to try to catch a 5 star fish and spin the wheel to rail in the fish if it lands on a yellow or red but if it lands on blue the fish goes further if you get the fish to 0 meters you get the jackpot and then the mermaid will give u a chance to play bingo and gather 5 more balls to rail another fish and get the pirates cave to find the golden chest and a chance to get another jackpot.
    Me: 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  32. The float determines the amount you reel it in by seen on the triangular faces (1, 5, 10, 20), the ball determines wether the line tension increases (blue), decreases (red) or stays the same (yellow)

  33. In the year that yall posted this..I have watched it easily a dozen times. I love the MASSIVE drop!

  34. Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно

  35. the floater at the top is the number distance of the pull
    the ball registers the color

  36. Ok so, to understand the jackpot minigame on this machine…

    The bobber that goes around the top of the roulette? That thing determines how many meters closer you get to the jackpot. The ball, on the other hand? It determines the way the fish acts. So, whether it will pull harder or get exhausted. Hope this clears it up for anyone

  37. Did you guys have to pay each time the ball spun for the jackpot?

  38. Jesus I just wanted them to realize that it wasnt the ball giving them points but the floating bobber. Even with all the wrong amounts they still never realized lol theyre too cute together tho.

  39. The distance is up top and the tensity of the fishing line is determined by the ball

  40. The point are actually determined by what the bobber lands on and the ball determines the chance the fish will get away

  41. Top bobber the orange thing sets the number for distance and ball is to tension


  43. Only now watching this for the 10x time, i realized that the spinning wheel giving you the meters was the bob hanging not the ball spinning! It wasnt broken after all! 😀

  44. The BOBBER on the jackpot is the value and the first seated ball touch, or time out counts the BOBBER value.

  45. Im sorry but do I need a master in japanese language and gambling to understand whats going on ?

  46. lmao the red reduced the tension, the bobber determined the distance. he had no idea how this machine worked

  47. I thought the girl speaking was the machine… Im like its so real and supportive

  48. Why do they sound a little bit similar to dipper and Mable? Or is it just me

  49. Once I heard that the only thing they win is MORE play time… Im over it

  50. Fun watching this!! When fishing, it wasn’t what the ball landed on, but where the hanging bobber stopped on. So when the ball was moving around and you were waiting for the ball to stop, the yellow and red bobber was stopping in a number up top. That’s the number you were getting. But this was fascinating!!

  51. I loveeee this coin pusher vid, until you said the coins are unless.🤦🏽🤦🏽 still good vid tho

  52. Wait so you cant trade the coins for any prizes? Not even a pen?

  53. When the fishing rod thing lands on the number and you get a yellow you get what the orange thing lands on!

  54. Wherever the. Orange buoy lands on the numbers thats your meters. The trianlges( blue yellow red (are the health and then th health bar of your rod and fish

  55. Whats the point of you cant actually do anything with the winnings?

    1. It’s their job uploading videos, they make way more then they spent on games

  56. The value all depends on where the line lands when it’s stopped spinning if you look at the top at least I think that’s what it is x

  57. I dont know why, but I watched the whole video and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it…. I think I need to see a psychiatrist 😂

  58. Has he even taken a breath since he started talking ?

  59. The Orange lure registers meters and the ball registers pulling strength from the fish

  60. it seems to be scoring where it hits first not where it lands

  61. So with this you cant win anything at all? So its just entertainment without prize payout?

  62. *When youre so busy being overly dramatic you completely ignore the big swinging orange bobber and bold numbers…*
    I was ready to scream.

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