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105 thoughts to “Bargello Kadın kristal vladivostok kumarhane bahisçileri kanal maçı!”

  1. omg i love it , it was beautiful video , i have a friend from there but he lives in Moscow. thanks for the video cheers from chicago

  2. Russia is so beautiful. I will visit it as soon as covid is completely over.
    Also I would like to extend my gratitude to Russia🇷🇺 for helping my country 🇮🇳 India in such acute crisis

    Im sure ties between Russia and India would grow stronger as russia decides to stand by one its closest allies since 1947

  3. 海参崴 (Vladivostok) is lost during the century of humiliation. truely sad

  4. Funny how Russians say Gorod for City but City-government they say Gradske vlasti (not Gorodske vlasti) as the origin of Russian language is Serbian language where word for a city is Grad not Gorod.
    Because up to 6th century all Slavic people were calling themselves SERBS and much later after 17 century the Germans overtook Moscow university where they were intentionaly trying to change Russian language to differenciate more from Serbian language as Russians are named after Serbian social class of farmers who grow crops called Rasseni/Rashani/Rasijani/Russi named after Serbian-Slavic pagan goddess of fertility Rassa/Reasa/Reja/Geja/GAJA named after Serbian verb Gajiti-to nurture (Hellens/Greeks copied her into Gea and Vikings into Freya fertility goddess) also known as goddess ZEMLJA (after Serbian word zemlja-earth, soil).

  5. FINALLY, proper in debt informative video on Vladivostok. I prefer these kinds of authentic videos over the vague over edited vlogs, but unfortunately thats what people want. Would love to have seen more of the old city and museums, but still the best vlog Ive seen on Vladivostok. I loved the insight from the locals and tourists. Good job.

    Very sad about the trash. I bet I know who its from too.

  6. Turkish people Love Russian people and culture you are real friend

  7. The bashful weed technologically try because observation implicitly stretch astride a feeble feigned chief. rotten, absorbing blood

  8. 26:39 Who is she?! Hey! Where you going?! Come back. 🤣

  9. Beautiful city.
    This is China territory before 1858.

  10. Great Video & Great Information……Loved this video…..!!!

  11. I have been there ,It is really beautiful city ❤️❤️

  12. wow good video germany sucks so have to move to vladivostok

  13. I wish the economy was better in Vladivostok. The city is on a such a wonderful location it could actually be like SF or even better. Hopefully it keeps growing and the economy improves. I hope to visit it one day!

  14. 8 : 50 explication of mind – of the person who made this video . Anglosaksins , you are . . . Good , good .

  15. This was a great video that piqued my interest in this Far East Russian city. Until now, I thought most of this region was barren and certainly didn’t expect a city that appears to be so cosmopolitan. Thank you.

  16. Haha, I really liked your Interviews of the Vladivostokians. My favorites were Yulya and Elvira, who were just adorable.

    1. Im from Vladivostok, what do you mean by travel safely? No one will swear at you for your English or try to kill you, just dont need to visit quiet areas.

  17. Vladivostok owned by RUSSIA not china ,why claiming china? Like our WEST PHILIPPINES SEA! What a shame! I love russia from the Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

  18. me gustó Vladivostok, mucha vida y movimiento, los puentes son geniales y la naturaleza, mujeres bellas, genial la ciudad!!!

  19. I’m an English guy. Stumbled across your channel yesterday and you are fantastic mate. So interesting, informative and inspirational. Thank you for your time and content. I would love to visit Russia 🇷🇺 with my wife and daughters

  20. Vladivostok is beautiful city, there are many famous universities. An Australian guy who 7 years old from Shanghai in China immigrated to Australia. He was born 1985 and English is his first language. He is good guy no smoke no wine, respect people, women and love family. He dreamy seeking of a Russian single girl the age around 25 years old to marriage. If this girl work professional job or relevant medic job thats much more better also good English too. Welcome Vladivostok single girl talk to this guy, please use English only. This guy living in Melbourne.

  21. So pretty 😻🦋🌞🤩🦋🌞😍🦋🌞😻🦋🌞🦋

  22. Yay, this is the type of content I was looking for, I’m looking forward to traveling with you 💕🙏🏻💕

  23. Russia is an interesting place! Nice video! 👏👍👍 The city needs some improvement but location is great!

  24. I always thought tennis was not a good spectator sport, but boy was I wrong ! very interesting and informative video.

  25. u.s. and Canada has very bad transportation and they just talked about Asia Asia Bad transfer for country all nonsense they dont show good about Asia East the show on the bad about Asia I dont believe its us is Canada and its a communist thats what I think🐒🐒🐒🐒Western democracy freedom of speech its only you can speak about bad things about east of Asia you cannot speak bad thing about your own country this is the call freedom of speech fuck that shit🐒🐒🐒🐒

  26. Pretty soon it will carry Chinese name. Enjoy while you can.

  27. I have been there ,It is really beautiful city ❤️❤️

  28. So when theyre not poisoning people in other countries they build bridges…good to know

  29. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tour! How are you doing this year?

  30. Sounds like a cool place to visit one day.

  31. I liked that girls violin playing — it sounded like gypsy music.

  32. 海參崴確實是很好玩的一個城市;2019雙十節我有去過⋯⋯非常有趣喔

  33. Great video of a city I only knew the name of. Greetings from Norway.

  34. This was a great video that piqued my interest in this Far East Russian city. Until now, I thought most of this region was barren and certainly didn’t expect a city that appears to be so cosmopolitan. Thank you.

  35. Very interesting video with useful information and good scenes. A lot of love and regards from India to all Russians!👍

  36. 15:56 is very impressive, I agree. That was a uniquely Russian scene.

  37. I also used to think this was a run down middle of no where tundra wasteland but it looks amazing and quirky

  38. This was a great video that piqued my interest in this Far East Russian city. Until now, I thought most of this region was barren and certainly didn’t expect a city that appears to be so cosmopolitan. Thank you.

  39. this city & land too much beautiful but the outsider chines tourist make it too much durty and they are came for spy perpouse for land occupied .Becarefull with them

  40. Great video + Yul Brynner was born there – one of better actors of 20th century.

  41. ….And to think that Russia is about 220 miles away from Sapporo, Japan, can blow your mind as to Russia’s size.

  42. Watching your videos is the Best way to see beatiful russian woman😍😍😍good job man..

  43. Thank you for sharing the video gives an insight about Russia …beatiful country

  44. This is one of the best vlogs I have ever seen on YouTube.
    This vlog covers schools, universities, restaurants, food, locals, cars, history, museums, seas, bridges, walk, MTB, weather report and much much more.

    I would rather call it a documentary instead of vlog. This vlog has conv to visit and to stay here for a while.

    Super lucky to be recommended by You Tube today.

    I am coming Valdivosko!
    Be ready to host me 🙂

  45. nice narration includes all information. kgb from India.

  46. Good video. I like that it shows the good and the bad. I would like to visit there.

  47. Russian should aware from Chinese land capturing policy love from india 👍

  48. Nice thing to tell about Russia in English. I see such a channel makes sense to the world. Thanks for your job.

  49. How can a video of a Russian city not mention my two favourite things? Booze and chess. And women.

  50. Seems like a nice place. Clean and organized with signs of those who must have a decent income.

    Now for the truth.

    The food that you are forced to buy will kill you in Soviet Russia.

    Its your choice starve or die because you are eating food that is filled with poison.

    Food grown organically has to be purchased at a very high dollar rate.

    Wanna take a bath and wash your hair in Soviet Russia?

    Good Luck. You get what you buy there and what that is well its poison.

    You will live a short life just taking a shower in Soviet Russia because what they want you to buy to clean your self is toxic.

    Videos here on youtube explained this but I think have been removed.

    There is no freedom of speech in Soviet Russia.

    When youre Russian youre not around long enough for anyone to worry about taking care of when you are old. In Soviet Russia you wont live long enough for anyone to be bothered with such trivial matters. ….

  51. Respekte Rusia Respekte Vladivorskop bravo Rasha Albaia 2021

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