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126 thoughts to “Iyi ben casino bestforplay linelily Profile”

  1. Love them forever
    Stay happy and together forever 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. It was for jhope I never thought I would fall for a man thats pretty obvious. By the way Im taekooker

  3. Their love story is so pure and beautiful, … im Taekook Bias , d reason Im an Army honestly

  4. Once BTS asked whats means by JK
    Everyone : Jungkook
    SUGA : KIM JUNGKOOK (lol😂)

    1. @Pashupati Devi 🤣🤣🤣… Then Im kim tooo .. my short is also JK
      JK Kim JUNGKOOK (by Suga 🤣).. so its confirmed

    2. I think k in jk really stands for kim😁😁💜😀

    3. @BTS Army They didnt say what was the message about but Suga sent both of them the same message. I think it might have been to encourage them on something.

    4. @Purple Taejk what did he send Omgg I wish taekook are 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  5. I was looking for the original video when Taehyung said pologhajima. but that is not what Tae said but geuleoji ma. I heard from google translate and listened to the sound of the pronunciation. which means dont do it.sorry before I was very curious about that part so I looked for the video. but im taekook too 😍🤣

  6. They r good feelings for each other ,they r comfortable with each other to whats the problem behind of that

  7. Me if Jungkook marries a girl: **jealous, sad**
    Me if Jungkook marries Taehyung: **happy for them**

    1. @Taekook_lover_Army_OT7💜🤗 so kook cant marry a girl? Or whoever who isnt tae?

    2. @jannat popy dude who are u to tell people want to do go sit down some where

  8. 만 면 하 세 묘💜🙋🏻‍Taekook forever 💜😙. 미 마 름다문 태굳 영 상 감 사 합 니다👍😍😗. I will expects more taekook awsome videos from you🤗

  9. When jk ask tae am I your friend after that other members reaction was amazing 💜 taekook forever ♾️

  10. When wil they properly live as a couple… Can we be that lucky to face that day 😒😏😑🤧🤧

  11. Guyssss stop the shipping is disgusting and disrespectful. Real army’s don’t ship :/ Even Taehyung has told y’all and I’m quoting “To get out of your imagination”. Don’t you see how uncomfortable it will make their friendship?

  12. I never thought I would fall for a man PLEASE ITS A JOKE, these things need to stop🖐

  13. First of all #JK is more HOT than the fire itself especially the way he danced ! Wow. Second I watched that VLive and 1: #JK didn’t just start dancing out of the blue, J-Hope told him he must dance. 2: about “I never thought I would fall for a man “ wasn’t for V but as a sort of a compliment to J-Hope song! That’s all. Last but not least , given their culture , rules , people watching (they know , they aren’t stupid as u all think) even if JK and V are in a relationship, trust me they are doing everything in their power to keep it private. It’s their life after all. None of our business. I love them both n honestly I want them together 💜 but who am I to throw opinions?! So everyone , calm your horses 🐎

  14. JK: I never thought I would fall for a man
    Me: I never thought I would fall for some guys that even dont know that I exist and meet (sad but truth (Tʖ̯T) )

  15. Can I ask something if army friends wont get mad. I love taekook but is that fake subs?..

  16. Yeahhh. Am happy
    Good thing is – Editors can’t edit the live concerts 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  17. Um dia achei que o amor deles era muito grande. Mas agora quanto mais olho, menos acredito.

  18. hii can i ask what is the title of the clip in 2:32 thanks

  19. The 3rd one really made me dive deep into taekook. Just look at Taes reaction, if he knows Jk is joking and theyre really friends hell not react like that. Hell just laugh it off. Also, Im still finding it but the one that they wear princes clothes and complimenting? eo. They both kiss eo on cheeks, theyre the only one who did it to eo. And in that video teasing in the background can be heard. Also, when they did a live on Jks bday then Namjoon just said Jk will receive a kiss and shouted Taehyung you can kiss him now or sth like that. I do believe theyre real and I will support them no matter what even if theyre not real. I love them so much, I hope they can be happy.

  20. 3:50
    Taekook:*enjoying the song
    Hopemin in the right😂😂

  21. Im literally watching this at 4:35 the morning and its my exam tomorrow (TT)

  22. Where I can watch the complete video where V said jungkook as his friend ..please tell me

  23. they are so cute 😭😭 its make me smile everydayy ❤️❤️❤️

  24. 1:17 No entiendo que tiene que ver la mierda con la pomada. Es claro que jk se lo esta diciendo a JHope. Tae no tiene nada que ver ahi.

  25. Taekook is my life but I think I never thought I would fall for man it was for JHOPE I Also ship Taekook but dont force every moment of bts on Taekook even if its not related to them for just mere views,, bring real Content

  26. My heartbeat was on fire and I am watching this video oh my gooooooood 🤪🤪💥💥

  27. Try to Google
    Koreas powerful couple
    N try to Google
    No space couple (without even mentioning korea*)
    Taekook forever

  28. No way did he just said not ARMY and 😂 He literally showed Tae

  29. Omg !!! JK exposed it himself .. 😍😍😆😆 I am happy to see this 😭🤩
    Taekook Forever 🐯💜🐰

  30. it is just a fun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. The last part… Jiminshiiiiiiiiiii jhoooooope 🤭🤭🤭

  32. Lmao do yall remember when jk yeeted the flower jin gave at a concert but look at him preciously protecting the flower v gave hahahah sooo cuteeeeee✨❤

  33. I’m sorry the last video I was too distracted with Jimin and Hobi grinding on each other 😂😂😂😂

  34. They are gud friends..no ship please love them as brothers

  35. Being a long time together they just became too much comfortable..all things have two sides.. negative or positive…all depends on our look..so as an army I always want this 7 baby always stay together..taekook stay together.. BTS 💜💜💜💜💜

  36. Idk why but watching Taekook videos is literally my safe space🤍

  37. 2:25 Save me😭😭💜💜💜
    If u wont believe taekook is real after watching this video
    U can never know what is Love😏😏

  38. What a beautiful and wonderful couple, it is a true dream !!!!

  39. In my opinion people should stop spreading things like this (I dont know if taekook are real or not but if they are real I will be supporting them and if they are comfortable to tell us they are dating itll be the best day of my life
    Like they are really close we can clearly see that the are in relationship but maybe they are not telling their relationship bcz of us or some toxic fan ) we all always support taekook ,

  40. I REMEMBER NUMBER 1 HAPPENING!! And I thought … that came out of nowhere. Hmm.

  41. Jimin: you two
    JK: we r besties
    Tae: will see abt that later😑💔

  42. Come on you Guys! they are greaat friends and i love their friendship!

  43. 2:59 Suga knows that a problem is brewing. One partner wants to reveal, shows upset with hiding. One partner is more afraid, wants to conceal. This is a huge stress on relationships.

    1. @cupcakedollars Olive Your lie confirms your toxic immaturity. No respect, and no more of my time.

    2. @loveislove girl I’m 92 and I know love I’ve been married for 52 years, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS GOT THAT

    3. @cupcakedollars Olive Go away. You sound very young and im not interested in your opinion.

    4. Your acting like this is real like whatever🙄

  44. Me to myself 1 month ago : stop assuming them gay..they are just like best friends.

    Me rn : taekook is real!!! taekook forever!!!

  45. lol I take that comment (1:10-1:15) post chicken dance as reference to J-Hope, as I completely understand cause thats when I fell for J-Hope myself lol

  46. 3:03 wow, hobi came tae didnt give him the rose. Jin came close and tae didnt give him the rose either. That rose is really for someone, huh? 😀

  47. At the end I forgot to pay attention to taekool cause J-Hope an Jimin were delivering 💜

  48. Well i think it was a compliment for hobi, like ppl say i m gay for so and so.
    2nd oneeee, bunny is clever!! But dont underestimate taekookers bunny😏
    Oh my, 3rd one is so famous, *I love it so much*
    Fourth, amry screams say it all 😉

  49. We happy if you two happy. Choose where you both feel free and happy 😘. Those not matter people will understand that part of your growing life and being happy together is all that matters. Saranghe oppa ❤️. Stay Great Special to each other. No haters allowed its my opinion 😜.

  50. Okay. Please someone clarify this-
    But jikook??
    Jikook is also a thing?
    I just cannot ship this 😭
    Whats going onnnn??😭😭

  51. 1:10

    Yes me too I’m bisexual but I love you

  52. Teakook is going to be the best couple ever… & my fav couple to.. 😍 ✨ ✨

  53. Just want them tie be happy and be who they and love who they want.

  54. Taekook my favourite and support 💚💜🐰🐯

  55. I hate when others ship tae with jimmin and sugar and jk with Lisa or rose and others

  56. ahhh why the hell am i trying to kill my self😭😭😭💜✨

  57. Bro the first one was for jhope only lol 😂 but the rest of them are real

  58. V has Jungkook
    RM has Jimin
    What about J-Hope, Jin and Suga 😂😂 they are singles

    1. Actually the shipping is RM with Jin, and Suga with Jimin 😂

  59. I think that when Jungkook said I never thought I would fall for a man he was talking about J-Hope, like a complement!!! But we dont know if he conected the two points J-Hope and Tae!!!

  60. I never thought I would fall for a man
    Guys, I think hes saying that to hobi because the song and choreography of his song was so good.

  61. They are best friends only.. When jk said that i have never thought that i will fall for a man.. It was for jhope nd not for v… They are just best friends guys.. Why r you shipping them. When a fan commented in post … Something in a teasing manner by taking jks name . V did replied to the fan that Get out of your delusion, its not good in their. Do you still think guys that they are lovers. Please dont ship them. Its making them uncomfortable ..

    They are just friends..
    Dont trust in any edited videos guys.
    If you are really an army.. Then remember what V replied to that fan ok nd please dont ship them together.

    Nd to be honest.. We also hug our friends nd we also kiss them in their chicks . This is only a sign of a true and close friendship.. We all do.. So they are doing.
    I also believe an army will understand that…

    So much love for bts nd armies… 💜

    1. and Watch this first and please comment again after watching 😁

  62. 😘💕 me : you two you two
    Taekook : who ?
    Me : you two are the best ❤️ couple in the world 😁😘 we cant live without you 💜 both love you taekook 🤵🤵😘 forever 💜

  63. Who needs a boyfriend when I can just have Taekook in my life.

    1. Ой ой. Как это они так красиво показывают 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  64. People,so many people are shipping lizkook. And lizkook vote is the highest… please vote for taekook 🥺

  65. I just wanna wait till the announce them officially till then no opinions just confusion 😂💜

  66. I think its not what you are portraying…. It could also be :

    1. Jk compliment Jhope. Why would JK out of no where say about V in that scenario.
    2. Its just a proud expression of his because of his Army. Even if V was not just beside JK, people can still say that it is pointing to V only
    3. This is tricky. But I think V and JK are friends but jealous and competitive of each other too. May be they fought and are being cold to each other, so when V said JK is a friend he interrupted and V said dont expose that we are not friends now. 😅😅😅

  67. Okay but people are looking at tae and jk in the last one CHILE LOOK AT J-HOPE AND JIMIN KKKK

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