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119 thoughts to “Üzerinden phonbet’ liner casino spb Yuvası film”

  1. On the first spin since when does 70 & 75 =105?? Would be 145!!!

  2. Brian thank you for teaching us when to get out, Im learning to set a goal no matter what or how little I wage, I have lost my but years ago, but what you contribute, always positive, no cursing incredible, thank you

    1. Get a gamblers box, it helps to get out of the casino with some cash! If you have a gambling problem, dont go at all!

  3. I seriously don’t understand why anyone would want to play the dynamite dash game. Unless you get a train you don’t get a dang thing.

  4. y para agua caliente mañana 6 de la tarde o meibi tunay

  5. Its not against the law for a group of people to give you money to gamble and to split it

  6. Really like it all !! except when you forget the game and just start talking to people on the net .. does nothing for us watching..Thanks

  7. Is the promo at Aqua Caliente 300 each day until March 14 or is it 300 total?

    1. Thank you Brian Christopher for replying in a timely fashion letting us all know that its over. U saved me some ⛽ but love your videos. Keep up the good work ☺️

    2. It was 300 total and has been fully claimed. We will have a new Agua Caliente giveaway on our Facebook page later today!

  8. Hi Brian and Britt! Love your videos! Line it up!👍🎰 PS. Wheres Marco?

  9. Please let us know how to contact you for our casino grand opening in Scottsdale Az. Will compensate you 100K for the promotion.

  10. I liked these slots better before they became Britts slots

  11. Hopefully I can make it to the free slot play tomorrow!🙏🏽💙 and I get some Rudie Luck.

  12. My birthday is actually the 100th day of the year. Unless it’s a leap year. 😁🎉

  13. Finally going to Pa to gamble. Just in time for my BD on the 15th

  14. Id like to say when i first started watching you, I was on a trip through california i went to aqua caliente and won over 600$ i had 20 bucks to my name. I didnt even wager it they gave me free play. Only stopped by because of you thanks brain your the man!

  15. Brian, were you playing with the casinos money (not talking about free play) or your own money? You should be upfront about this during your live streams. Thanks.

    1. Why does it matter whos money it is? Theres no need for your negative nancy self.

    2. I play with my own money like every other gambler. Nothing to be up front about.

  16. That was so much fun guys. Wow, love your channel Brian 🥰and love you as well Britt 😉🍀❤️🍀🍀

  17. love love love.I love your sessions and I LOVE BRITTS GIGGLES.

  18. Good luck Brian!! Can one of the Rudies or you explain what the denomination means? It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to play slot machines and I don’t understand what it means. Sorry I’m so thick, I’m almost 70! Love your channel Brian!

    1. You can play 1 cent or 2 cent or 5 cent,these are the denominations on the slot machines,brian likes to play 10 cent denomination

  19. Great Video!! I Missed the Live 🥺 but it’s just as Fun after!! Britt I think you should start a Jewelry Line, You have great taste in jewelry (from what I’ve seen). I do prefer Silver & White Gold because it looks better on me. Nonetheless; you have great taste!! You should start a Jewelry Line – you have many supporters!! Thanks again Brian & Britt!! 😎

  20. I Love 💕💕 you 💕 brother Im from Pakistan I like ur videos

  21. Good luck from Springfield MA…you rock Brian!!

  22. That Buffalo Cake was Amazing. Does your channel have the most subscribers of any Slot channel?

  23. Went this morning to Agua Cathedral City and were told that it was for yesterday ! No $100 dollars for us ! I told them you said it was until March 14 th . Wont be going back there ! Ill just stick with Agua Rancho Mirage !

    1. This promo was for the first 300 guests or through 3/14, whichever came first. The promo was fully claimed last night. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, well have a new giveaway later today!

  24. Happy birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊

  25. British Columbia canada where all are casinos are closed

  26. I hope you win a million, is that possible? You deserve a million regardless

  27. So the $100 free play was sold out since yesterday at 8 pm

  28. Hi Brian. I was signed up for the group pull at Coushatta in December. The date rescheduled in April will not work for me. I understand the $10 fee is given to charity, so just keep that. However, I wanted you to know you would have another space available for the $500 one. I understand it’s sold out? Good luck and as always…..LINE EM UP!

  29. Brian we(3) got the 100 dollars walked out with 780.00,thank you I gave you 20 dollar super chat live and you gave us bracelets and we hit 900.00 walked out of casino agua caliente cathedral city with 780.00 thank you

    1. Glad you were able to get the free play and turn it into a win!

  30. mini very fast not hesistant. had to be fast know it makes you fast. hey Brian astronomy predicts if donation to me will be good luck! handle BC SLOTS!

  31. wheel of fortune! best game ever….laughlin nv 3/28/21

  32. It would be so nice if you told us what state this casino or city was in… there are so many in so many states these days… thanks Brian!

  33. Hi BC I m seck right now but Im so excited for the 100 dlrs free play🤗 when does the promotion end

    1. All the freeplay offers have been claimed at this time!

  34. Watching from
    California…this looks fun ..Brian Christoper sent me

  35. Hay guys how are you doing and of course hi brutifull Britt when I see you all I say is WOW.win win win

  36. I live in New bern n.c can someone tell me the most legit real paying casino online because to be able to go to the casinos it’s very far away but I enjoy playing real money casino even if it’s on line

  37. Im able to watch your live streams but I enjoy them every night. 😁 Hopefully one day my casino will allow videos so I can join a pull. Thank you from Manteca


    1. Sorry, Luiza. As stated, the promo was for the first 300 people or until March 14, whichever came first. Were doing another giveaway with Agua Caliente Casinos today on our Facebook page, and you can enter online.

  39. Thanks Brian for the shout out last night =) .. I’ve been watching you from the beginning =) … being I’m a Canadian and your a Canadian =) 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 … Born in Toronto Canada lived most of my life in Klienburg Ontario last few year’s British Columbia =) now retired living here in Campeche Mexico … hi !! to your husband Marco an your assistant Britt !! I love your channel you’ve come a long way !!!

  40. I never stopped at agua caliente, I used to stop at morongo.

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